PID Polska is a leader in X-ray detector implementation in the food industry in Poland.

We have the pleasure of providing you with solutions which ensure the most advanced level of X-ray image analysis available on the market allowing the highest precision of contaminant detection (e.g. metal, glass, stone, ceramics, concrete, rubber, bone, selected plastics).

Thanks to our knowledge and rich experience we offer comprehensive services at the stages of detector installation, programming and servicedetectors.

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PID Polska Sp. z o.o. 02-823 Warsaw, ul. Osmańska 12; tel. + 48 22 545 05 90; fax. + 48 22 545 05 91; REGON (National Business Register Number): 141301028; BRE Bank SA: 23 1140 1977 0000 5816 3200 1001; KRS (National Court Register Number) no.: 0000299575, District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Economic Division of the National Court Register; Share capital 50,000.00 PLN; NIP (VAT no.): 9512244224