We have implemented the highest number of X-ray detectors in the sector of food industry in Poland.

We offer the most advanced equipment for X-ray image analysis available on the market which ensures  the highest precision of contaminant detection: metal, glass, stone, ceramics, concrete, rubber, bones, selected plastics.

H-Series Metal Detector

By combining exceptional levels of detection sensitivity with exceptional stability and a robust construction, Eagle’s H-Series metal detector is designed to provide a reliable and consistently high performance, even in the harshest of environments.

H-Series - Multiple, ultra high and tuned frequency combinations enhance flexibility by allowing the detector to inspect a wide variety of wet and dry products in all formats at the correct frequency - from packaged conveyorised products to loose, unpackaged products.

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V-Series Metal Detector

Designed to inspect in-flight product before it’s packed into bags, pouches, sachets or boxes, Eagle’s V-Series metal detector ensures maximum reliability and optimal performance, even in restricted spaces.

V-Series - High frequency technology combined with enhanced filtering techniques provide exceptional levels of sensitivity across all metal types, ensuring maximum consumer protection and peace of mind for manufacturers.

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F-Series Metal Detector

Designed to inspect free-falling fine powders and granules, Eagle’s F-Series metal detector features a robust construction and is easy to use and clean, offering maximum protection, even in dusty environments.

F-Series - Sophisticated electronic filtering techniques combined with high frequency operation provide unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity and enable reliable detection of all metal contaminants, including difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steels.
Contaminated product is eliminated from the product flow via a fully-automatic, high speed diverter device, ensuring optimized operational efficiency.

download pdf brochure  download pdf brochure
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